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I have been playing drums since I was 11 years old in 1959, OK go ahead work out my age ! My dad bought me my first kit... a Gigster bass drum, a Premier Dominion Ace snare drum and a marching band snare drum which I converted to a floor tom tom. I set to work trying to make it sound like the drums I heard on records by the Shadows , Beatles & the Rolling Stones. Not an easy task with the tools at hand but I got close.

Since then with updates to my drum kits I have become well versed in restoring these great vintage kits to their original condition.

I take great pleasure in carrying out this work and even more pleasure in selling them on to appreciative drummers who are aware of the qualities of vintage drums. I specialise in Premier and Olympic . However I am equally adept with Rogers, Ludwig, Slingerland ,Gretch etc. Even newer makes such as Pearl & Yamaha. All repairs large or small undertaken.




..*** Premier Royale... £150   22-12-13-16"



**** Early 1960s Ajax  20-12-16 & Pipper snare drum.... £450 ,,, sold



*** 1965 Ludwig L-400 Supraphonic    .... sold

*** Premier Bongos*** 1950s / early 60s... £190  sold


***President by Carlton snare drum rare early 1960s .. £100  sold

******Premier Hi Fi 1960's.... £150 ... sold


*** Carlton "Continental", 1960 20-12-16 x 18" ....Beautiful condition. .... sold  to Italy


*****Slingerland "Artist"  22-13-16 & 14x5" snare ,,,, . SOLD


Trixon Luxus  20-13-13-16"   sold

*** Hayman Vibrasonic   22-13-16"   sold


*****Rogers Powertone  Script Badge COB... 14 x 5 1/2"    SOLD



****Ludwig WFL Speed King servicing available.



****** John Grey Autocrat,,, White Marine Pearl 20-12-16"  with 14 x 3" White Duco snare drum+14" Zyn cymbal..... SOLD


****Ajax one up two down.. blue Sparkle 20-12-14-16 " ,,, SOLD



****Premier Royal Ace Black Diamond Pearl... "time warp condition".. *SOLD

.... soldX

****Broadway by John Grey & Sons.. Late 1950s /Early sparkle .. Sold to Portugal

*** Premier Elite Silver Star  22-13-14-16"   sold


***Beverley 22-13-16  Fantastic "time warp" condition..   SOLD




*****Boosey and Hawkes Ajax/ Stratford,

20 x 12 -16 x 18 - 12 x 8"    .. SOLD


Vintage 1960s 20"Avedis Zildjian ride £120  sold . Quality vintage cymbals always in stock. Enquires welcomed.






***Olympic "Discus" WMP.. SOLD

*****Vintage pedals from  £15 





   ***Premier  natural wood.. sold




Premier blue silk... Mahogany shells 22-13-16".. .. sold                                                                                                                                                     






Ludwig Buddy Rich special edition snare drum ... Sold ..                                                                  Below.....  Ludwig Citrus Mod Orange... Restored for customer. Contact me for quotes. Below below.. Olympic 24" Premier 13 & 16" WMP.. SOLD

****Stratford by Besson (Ajax) ... Sold


*****Premier 54   early 1960s 20-12-16" ... Sold

Ludwig Speed King service available.. Permanently fix that "squeek"


Restored for customer .. Early 1960s English Rogers . Restorations from £50







  English Rogers 22-12-13-16".. White Marine Pearl.. £425 ono ..... SOLD **to Norway. Shipping to Scandinavia is around £80 on a 4 piece set.




Early 1960s' Premier , White Marine Pearl. 24-12-16 x 18"

Now complete with all die cast hoops and new pre international batter heads. £550 =$740=680 Euro

SOLD to Australia, shipping to Australia is around £200 on a three piece kit. Similar shipping price to USA

940s' Beverley snare drum.. £175Premier


I am available for gigs / sessions in SE England using vintage Rogers, Ajax or Premier .


Whether you require a complete restoration including a re wrap or just a service / clean up. No job too small.

Contact me.....  01795 667 027.  or 0794388023      Located in Kent UK

paypal **********


Vintage hardware and cymbals including Ziljian, Paiste and  Super Zyns also available.

Facebook.. Mark Ellen Drums

Thanks for visiting. If you don't see what you are looking for here just contact me and / or check this site from time to time. 
  Fast turn over.

Fair prices payed for vintage drums in need of TLC










****John Grey Autocrat

20-12-16" Black Sparkle. Now with John Grey consul.


1940s Beverley snare drum, completely




Beverley Electric Blue 22-16-13"    Sold to USA

Shipping to USA.. aprox £200 = $300


1970s' Sonor Swinger

20-12-16" ..... SOLD



Ludwig 400 Restored for a customer.. Re chrome service available.



Made in England 1960s'Rogers 20-12-16"  ....  sold



Trixon Luxus ,, 1964 20-13-16 ..   SOLD


l1970s' Premier Polychromatic Royal Purple B202




Premier Aquamarine sparkle..   Sold





1967 English Rogers

Black Diamond Pearl .. SOLD




Premier Black Diamond Pearl. Early 1960's restored for customer  . Full kit Servicing / Restoration .. from £50

Premier Black Diamond Pearl


Broadway by John Grey,,, Gone to Paragauy.... 


1950s' Stratford 20-12-16-14x5" snare drum... part exchanged,, YES I do px too.




solf sold

Premier Royal Ace Duroplastic  "Ringo",,,, Sold


Olympic 14x3" piccolo.  £100.. sold


Early 1960s' Blue Pearl ,,, 20-12-16" Evens oil filled tom heads, great for recording,,, £350,, SOLD

Ludwig Super Sensitive   14 x 6 1/2"  serviced for customer . Drum servicing from £20

Ludwig Super Sensitive

Hayman, Vibrasonic,,,,,, 12-13-16-22" ... Sold



Premier mid-late 60s'  Burgunday Pearl       20-12-16"  ... with Royal Ace ...  sold to ITALY




1967 Rogers with 24"  kick for hire.. 1948 drummer included !

mark ellen drummer for hire






Vintage stands and pedals from £15

Premier and Olympic Lugs, claws & Rods all sizes.Flush base stands.

New Pre International heads available.
Vintage Premier / Olympic etc. badges from.... £5

Vintage Premier / Olympic hardware. Vintage cymbals too....£POA

Re wrapping sevice. Email me for quote.

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I ship Worldwide. Payment methods... Paypal, Bank transfer,UK cheques/postal orders or cash pick up from Sheerness,Kent, UK . 50 miles from Central London. Personal delivery available within the Home Counties for cost.

All items are + "shipping". I use a reputable courer. I cover Insurance.

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Mark Ellen Drums, 102 Broadway,Sheerness,Kent, UK... ME12 1TS

phone ............ UK 01795 667 027  mobile 07943889023


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